Moving Student Grades from One Section to Another (Enterprise)



Changes to student enrollments are common both at the beginning of a course's grading period and throughout the course life cycle. When students move from one section to another, Instructors and System Admins may need to recover their grades from the previous section and move them to the new one.

Note: The process outlined below is available for Enterprise accounts only.

Recovering and Moving Student Grades

Follow theses steps to recover student grades from the previous section and move them to the new one.

Step 1. Re-enroll the Student back into the old section

Depending on your school or organization's settings, instructors may have an Add Members button in their Members area. If you have this button, add members by following these steps:

  1. Select the Members tab in the left menu.
  2. Click the Add Members button.
  3. Click the names of the students you need to re-enroll in the course. You can also search or browse without affecting the student you've already selected.
  4. Click Add Members to finish.

If you don't have the Add Members button, your System Admin must complete re-enrollment.

Step 2. Export the course's gradebook as a CSV file

Select this option to download the course gradebook as a CSV file. This spreadsheet is formatted similarly to how it is in Schoology, with the student names listed vertically and material titles along the top.

To export the course gradebook from the student's old section:

    1. In the student's old course section, click Gradebook in the left menu.
    2. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and select Export.

Step 3. Add grades to the new section

Now you can either:

  • Manually add the student's grades into the new course section's gradebook.
  • Use the Import feature in the gradebook to add the gradebook CSV file from the old section to the new one.
Note: To only add grades for specific students from the old section, open the CSV file and remove the rows for students you do not want to add to the new section.



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