Account Linking Permissions


Enabling or Restricting the Ability to Link Accounts

Since email addresses must be unique across Schoology, users in an organization may need multiple Schoology accounts. For example, instructors who teach at more than one school, or parents with children at different schools. 

In cases such as these, users can create multiple accounts, and then link them together. This enables them to log into one account, and then toggle directly into the other account without having to log out and back in again. 

System Administrators can manage which roles in their organization have the permission to link their accounts. For example, you may decide to restrict students from linking accounts, but want to provide the permission for teachers and parents.

Allow Account Linking Permission

System Admins can enable or disable account linking from their Manage Users area.


  1. Click Permissions.
  2. Scroll down to the Allow account linking row in the User Settings area.
  3. Click the check boxes for any role to enable users in that role to link accounts.
  4. Click Save Permissions at the bottom of the page to update.
Note: Disabling the account linking permission does not affect associations between parent and child accounts in an organization.



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