Schoology Bug Fix Release Notes: January 2017

  • Running an Auto-Import when the email field is not mapped in the Match Columns field removed email addresses from user accounts.
  • Some instructors received an "Unexpected Error" message when attempting to view student essay question responses in a test or quiz.
  • Some parents with multiple children added to their Schoology account were no longer able to access the Select a Child menu and received a 503 browser error.
  • Linked courses that contain more than 1,200 material items would not load the gradebook for the child section.
  • Some users were receiving a "Schoology Temporarily Unavailable" error message when importing profile pictures.
  • Final Grade Auto-Exports contained multiple exam scores per student in some accounts.
  • Assignment scores with three decimal places were displaying an incorrect letter grade when using a custom scale.
  • Some users were unable to open documents in the new document viewer when using Windows Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.
  • Global search results were still visible for some users even though the View Global Search Results permission was disabled in their environment.
  • Published Managed Assessments were displaying as unpublished in student grade reports in linked sections.
  • Some students were unable to see possible points for graded materials in their grade reports.
  • Advisor Access was only available for users in the main building for some organizations.
  • Replies to comments were not nesting properly for users when viewing on mobile apps. 




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