September 2016 Release Notes: LTI Expansion and Bugfixes


Expansions to Learning Tools Interoperability in Schoology

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is the standard created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium with the purpose of connecting learning systems such as Schoology with external service tools in a standard way across different systems. 

Schoology has improved the ways that LTI tools are integrated and accessed from within the platform, including the ability for instructors themselves to add and update LTI tools and expanded access to LTI materials (such as from the Rich Text Editor in Schoology Course Materials).

For more information, review the help article on LTI in Schoology.


  • Some System Admins received private messages from users after they disabled the Receive private messages permission and set Messaging to No One in their Privacy Settings.
  • Some users were receiving "Schoology is temporarily unavailable" messages when accessing their Grade Settings area.
  • Fixed issue causing a heavy memory load on API calls when creating courses from an SIS.
  • Fixed performance issue causing slow response times when merging course sections.
  • Some users were receiving multiple notification emails when their school or organization posted an update.
  • Some members of a course in an SIS were not added to the target section in Schoology.
  • Fixed issue with access to nested folders in linked courses.
  • Some users were unable to access inactive members of course sections.



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